Friday, July 02, 2010


Last day at work today.

Sent this email to the team:

Almost forgot - today is my last day at Datacom*. It's been awesome working with youse*.

I'll be contactable on Internet or by carrier pigeon.


*so I probably won't be back on Monday
**please support entry of the word 'youse' into the English lexicon by using it consciously but without irony - many other languages have a plural equivalent and English could use one too!

Will 'Ted' Hesketh

Ex-Customer Service Reprentative | Datacom Connect | At my house, which is not here.

Email: william.hesketh@datacom.com.au, but not for long. | Ph: Yes.

So, yes. I could have stayed, cruising along here while I studied at TAFE, but I need to stop working in a call centre - the fact that this one's pretty cruisy while I'm actually at work distracts me from what's more important - it's still a call centre.

So, yes: I'll find a place closer to home to earn the cash while I devote my life to...my life.

This should, dark spirits willing, assist me in achieving one of my goals - to not be working at a call centre by the time I'm 30.

We'll need to wait half a decade or so and see if I've achieved it, but so far, so good...

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